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Welcome to my web site.  I have been creating murals since 2004.  I have had a few people ask me "What is a mural?"  Simply it is a piece of art work that expresses a feeling or idea that is either subtle or explosive to the viewer.  They can be placed anywhere that is visually accessible. 

Murals can be used as an aid in advertising. These works of art draw the eye of the customer towards the building, creating a visual picture for the brain. Now instead of people trying to remember the street name your business is on, they will say it's easy just look for the building with the mural on the side.  Also women are more likely to give directions using things they see rather than by street names.

When it comes to art work it can be very personal. What one person's idea of tropical can be totally different from someone elses. That's why I take time to discuss with you exactly what you are envisioning; ideas are expressed by you giving me a great basis to start from. Don't be afraid, remember it's only paint.  

I've worked all over the United States, this is possible due to the help of my husband who works by my side. So no matter where you are located I am willing to come and create a work of art for you.

So if you feel a mural or faux finish is what your space is needing give me a call today. It doesn't cost anything to ask.


Creative Mural Artist and Faux Finisher.